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BACKYARD BURGERS SIX GOAL SHOOTOUT! - When the Mavs score 6 goals in a single game, every fan in attendance gets a FREE Backyard Burger! Within a week of the game, present your ticket stub at a local Backyard Burgers restaurant to get your free burger! WE WANT BURGERS! 



A&W 27 CENT ROOTBEER FLOATS - Every time #27 Andrew Courtney scores, fans get 27 cent root beer floats at A&W! 



SONIC'S "WE WIN, YOU WIN!" - When the Mavericks win, every fan will receive a FREE coupon upon exiting the game, for a delicious item at Sonic Drive-In!



DICK'S DAILY DOUBLE - If any Mavericks player scores two or more points, all fans get a Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon upon exit of the game!


SHOW US YOUR CARD with CENTRAL BANK OF THE MIDWEST - Mac and the Fillys will take to the crowd looking for fans to show off their Central Bank of the Midwest debit card- wave yours up high and you might just win $100 from Central Bank!



CHUCK-A-PUCK Purchase your pucks on the concourse and chuck during the second intermission to win amazing prizes from BDs, Certified Radon, Charlie Hustle, Funtastic Balloon Creations, Furniture Deals, Independence Specialty Tow, Dental Arts, Plowboys, US Cleaners, Nadler’s, Molly Maid, Lunar Bowl, Stonehaus Farms, Liddle’s. 



STROUD'S MINUTE OF MADNESS - The first minute of the third period is the Minute of Madness! Make as much noise and be as rowdy as possible, and if your section is the rowdiest/noisiest you win a great prize from Stroud's! If the Mavericks score a goal during the Minute of Madness, everyone in attendance wins free chicken from Stroud's!



INFINITI RIDE OF  YOUR LIFE - Do you want to ride around the rink at Silverstein Eye Centers arena in luxury? Register to win the Infiniti "Ride of Your Life" and you could be one of the lucky riders to hop in a new Infiniti and cruise around the ice during second intermission. Click here to register.


SPORT CLIPS BEST HAT HAIR - Listen each game for your time to take off your cap and show off your “hat hair” for the chance to win a FREE MVP haircut from Sport Clips!
BLUE SPINGS HARLEY DAVIDSON ICE TRIKE - Get loud, every game, when you see the Blue Springs Harley Davidson Ice Trike roll out on the rink to get free t-shirts and prizes!
SHEET METAL WORKERS POST-GAME AUTOGRAPHS - Get autographs from your favorite Mavericks players after almost every Kansas City Mavericks home game!
DENTAL ARTS "SMILE CAM" - Get ready to grin when the Smile Cam comes on the videoboard for your chance to win great prizes!
BD'S MONGOLIAN BBQ T-SHIRT GUN - The T-shirt gun hits the ice, every game, during intermission shooting shirts far into the crowd—show your Mavericks pride and get loud to get a shirt! 
MUSICAL POETRY with BD’s MONGOLIAN BBQ - All eyes on the videoboard as current Mavericks players poetically read the lyrics to popular songs, as if they were quoting Shakespeare himself. Guess the song correctly and win a great prize from BD’s Mongolian BBQ!
MISSOURI LOTTERY PUCK SHUFFLE - Think you can keep up?! Keep your eye on the pucks during this game on the videoboard to win Lottery tickets.
PLANET FITNESS FEATS OF STRENGTH - Fans will compete against each other in “Feats of Strength” for a fabulous prize from Planet Fitness. Feats will be things like breaking pencils, ripping magazines in half, how many marshmallows can they fit in their mouth, arm wrestling, ect. Show us what you’ve got!
PLANET FITNESS “KISS CAM” - Get ready to lay a big one on that special someone each game, when the Kiss Cam comes on the videoboard.
10 ICINGS WITH CARRABBA’S - Keep your eye on each game, when there are 10 icings, your section could be the one to get coupons to Carrabba’s upon exit of the game.
DEAL OR NO DEAL with CARRABBA’S- You’ve seen it on TV, now play with us for a chance to win great coupons at Carrabba’s.
LONG JOHN SILVERS & A&W COUPON DROP - Watch the sky above the ice for a chance to snag some buy one get one coupons from A&W and Long John Silvers.
A&W ROOT BEER FLOAT MELTDOWN - Few things are better than a classic ice cold rootbeer float- two lucky contestants will race to see who can down theirs the fastest- extra points for keeping it tidy! The winner takes home a great prize from A&W!
GEAR UP with LIDDLE’S SPORT SHOP - Two fans would be selected from the crowd and race to “Gear Up” according to a certain sport- knee pads, shoulder pads, sliders, gloves, helmets, jerseys, etc. The contestant to be all “Geared Up” first, wins an awesome prize from Liddle’s Sport Shop!
LUNAR BOWL, HOT STREAK PLAYER OF THE GAME - If the "hottest" Mavs player scores a goal, an entire section of fans will win a prize from Lunar Bowl! 
FREE STEAK BURGERS with HEREFORD HOUSE - If the Kansas City Mavericks score first, you could be sitting in the lucky row that gets FREE steak burgers from Hereford House!
PUCK FLIP with PLOWBOYS - Think you’re a master of the grill?! Well, put your burgers aside and let’s see how you do flipping pucks? Two contestants will go head to head and see how many pucks they can flip into the partner’s apron. The winner goes home with a great prize from Plowboys BBQ.
CATEGORIES with STROUD’S - Car brands. Halloween Candy. Soft drinks. Disney characters. Crayola crayon colors. Think you know a lot about a lot? Like a game of word-tennis, this game of categories will put you to the test when two contestants battle it out; the first person to repeat or stumble and not be able to come up with something falls short- the winner goes home with a great prize from Stroud’s.
FIND YOUR INDEPENDENCE- The Mavericks home of Independence, Missouri is so rich in culture and history, this game is a great way to put your knowledge to the test, and maybe even learn a little something with Mac along the way. Whether it’s trivia questions or trying to guess which landmark Mac paid a visit to, great prizes are in store for all contestants!
DOMI-NO-NO - The first time the Kansas City Mavericks goalie says “No No!” to a shot on goal one lucky fan will receive a fresh, hot and tasty personal pan pepperoni pizza in their seat!
SAY CHEEZE with STONEY CREEK INN - Look to the videoboard and give us your cheesiest grin, brought to you by Stoney Creek Inn.
MAVS BUCKS with LOWE DRUG AT CENTERPOINT - Listen up during the end of period highlights and your row could be the lucky row selected to win $25 Mavs Bucks to Lowe Drug at Centerpoint.
CHILI’S CHILL OUT SECTION - As cold as the ice is at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena, things still tend to heat up – especially when it comes to tempers! The penalty box is the perfect place to CHILL OUT! The first time a player on the opposing team is sent to the penalty box, one lucky section of Mavericks fans will find themselves in the Chili’s “Chill Out” Section- everyone in that section will get a coupon good for a free order of Chili’s world famous chips and salsa in participating restaurants.
NADLER’S BROKEN STICK- BEEF STICK PROMOTION!!! - The first time there is a broken stick out on the ice, one lucky row will receive a Nadler’s Meats & Catering Beef stick! The perfect snack, you won’t be able to stop at just one.. ask us how you can get more!
BETTER KNOW A MAV- YUMMY EDITION - Yummy Favorites gives a chance to ‘Better Know A Mav’- eyes on the videoboard as fan favorite players like Rocco Carzo, Andrew Courtney, and Josh Robinson talk about their favorite family meals, pre-game meals, and maybe even some secret family recipes.
LIP SYNC BATLE BROUGHT TO YOU BY BOLERO SALON & SPA - Is your hair brush secretly a microphone? Is your car really a recording studio? Show us your best (silent) rendition of hit songs and you could come away with a great prize from Bolero Salon & Spa, official sponsor of the Kansas City Mavericks Fillys.
GENERATION GAP PRESENTED BY WGU MISSOURI - Could you name all the Kardashians? What about the 29th President of the United States? Who is Brangelina? What is Harry Truman’s wife’s name? Millennials and Generation X’ers alike will have the chance to answer questions like these for a great prize from WGU Missouri.
JUMP CAM WITH SKY ZONE! - Get on your feet and jump around Mavs fans! 
EMOJI GAME WITH ADAMS LAWN & LEAF - Anything you can say with words, can be said through emojis, right? Well almost anything! Contestants will look to the videoboard and guess what the emojis are spelling out for a chance to win a great prize from Adam’s Lawn & Leaf.
MILLER THEATRES CINEMAVS - Check out the videoboard as your favorite Mavericks players act out scenes from popular movies. Guess the movie correctly and come away with awesome prizes from Miller Theatres!
BETEEN THE BENCH SEATS PRESENTED BY SAFELITE AUTO GLASS - You’ve watched the Mavericks play from the stands, maybe even from a suite. BUT have you ever watched the Mavericks play from between the benches?!  Look alive on the concourse and you could be picked to sit between the benches for the 2nd and 3rd periods!
PUCKS OUT OF PLAY WITH SAFELITE AUTO GLASS- Safety is out top priority, so keep your eyes on the puck. If it should happen to fly out of play take it to the promo table and get a great prize from Safelite Auto Glass.
CCR FRISBEE TOSS- Kids and parents alike, everyone loves Frisbees! Look for the Fillys tossing out Frisbees not once, but twice during the game- catch one and take it home! 
LOGO CHOP with PRICE CHOPPER- Disney, FedEx, Jiffy Peanut butter, Starbucks, Uber. Think you can identify these popular brands simply by their logo? What if their logos were missing key details? We’ll see just how good you are when we play Logo Chop with Price Chopper.

LONG JOHN SILVER'S FREE FISH FRIDAY - At every Mavericks Friday home game, if the Mavericks win fans have the chance to win FREE fish n' chips from Long John Silver's! 

XFINITY X-1 THOUSAND DOLLAR SHOOTOUT - On eight premiere sold-out Friday games, Xfinity will give fans the chance to register for a $1,000 shot from the far blue-line into an open goal. The contestant would automatically receive $150 and it would be upped to $1,000 with a made shot attempt!!! Registration will be open from the time doors open to the beginning of the 1st period.

4SIGHT SERVICES, AMERICAN STANDARD AND SPORT CLIPS PRESENT: FREEDOM FRIDAYS- The Kansas City Mavericks recognize and salute veterans during every Friday home game with special features and $5 OFF tickets to veterans with a valid military ID. 

4SIGHT SERVICES AND AMERICAN STANDARD PRESENT: FREE FURNACE FRIDAYS- On 5 premium Friday night games, 4Sight and American Standard will give fans the chance to keep warm this hockey season and many more to come! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

FREE PARKING FRIDAYS with KC AVIATION DEPARTMENT- Traveling? Come to a Friday night game and receive coupons for FREE Economy parking at the KCI Airport.

MVP FREE HAIR CUTS from SPORT CLIPS- Join us for Freedom Fridays and visit the Sport Clips kiosk on the concourse, when you present your military ID, all Military Personnel receive coupons for free haircuts from Sport Clips.

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