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Lines: Mavericks vs. Thunder - November 1st

Friday, November 1st
Lines: Mavericks vs. Thunder - November 1st

Mavericks Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations, John-Scott Dickson, announced his lines for the Mavericks game against the Wichita Thunder on November 1st, 2019. Nick Schneider gets the nod in net for the fifth straight game. Schneider has started in goal every game for the Mavericks since returning from the Stockton Heat two weeks ago. 


First Line:Ryan Van Stralen - Rocco Carzo - Michael Parks 

Second Line:Darian Dziurzynski - Tad Kozun - David Dziurzynski 

Third Line:Jack Walker - Bryan Lemos - Greg Betzold 

Fourth Line:Loren Ulett 


First Line:Cliff Watson - John Furgele - Nick Schneider

Second Line:Justin Woods - Zach Osburn - Hayden Hawkey 

Third Line:Derek Pratt - Kevin McKernan 

Starters for Friday's game will not be announced until 10 minutes before the opening faceoff. 

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