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Five Questions With New Mavericks Head Coach Tad O'Had

Wednesday, April 15th
Five Questions With New Mavericks Head Coach Tad O'Had

Here are five questions with the Mavs new bench boss, Tad O'Had.

What can we expect from the Mavericks in the upcoming 2020-2021 season?Fans can expect a fast-paced style of hockey with work ethic and grit. Our club will be fundamentally built around speed, character and jam. Our team will be made up of players that will embody the work-ethic of the Kansas City community and our team will encompass fast, heavy and hard hockey. We will take pride in the community we represent and will be pillars of the Kansas City surrounding area on and off the ice. The message will be loud and clear from the start of training camp: we are expected as Kansas City Mavericks to be professional in all facets on and off the ice. We will urge our players to be more then just hockey players and engage themselves in the greater Kansas City community. Being a Maverick is a proud tradition that we plan on continuing to greater heights.

What excites you about Kansas City and the Mavericks organization?I have been impressed for many years with the Kansas City Mavericks organization. Through the interview process I have been blown away by the fans' support, community involvement and the true care factor of Lamar Hunt Jr. and Brent Theissen. It was evident to me from the very beginning that the Kansas City Mavericks are more than just a hockey club. They have incredible support from the Orange Army and the players past and present cherish the opportunity to be a Maverick.  Throughout the process I have talked with many past Mavericks and the players always raved about their experience and love for their time in KC. This type of excitement was contagious and seeing the level of support that Mr. Hunt, Brent Theissen and the entire Mavericks front office put into making this a great place to play has me very excited. 

What do you look for in a potential Maverick?First and foremost character, speed and grit. I want players that can play the game with pace and grit. The mindset of a player should be one that relishes the opportunity for adversity and is willing to get his hands dirty. If that means driving the net, protecting the net front or blocking a shot, a player with the mindset that is willing to do the small tasks for the greater good. With that said it is vital that our staff is dedicated to being a place of development. The entire staff will take it upon themselves to help our players advance their skills, knowledge and personal strength on and off the ice to develop their game to continue to move up the ladder with the ultimate goal of the NHL. We will pride ourselves on being a great player development home for the Calgary Flames and Stockton Heat.  Not all players are the same and we will use their unique skill sets to the teams advantage. But, at the end of the day Mavericks will fundamentally be a team that plays fast with skill and with a very high degree of compete & character level. 

What’s your coaching style?I’m demanding and a problem solver. I tend to listen and examine the issues at hand and work with my staff to put forth the best quality of product on the ice. I am a coach that will be focused on building a strong foundation and culture. I allow for players to utilize their strengths and skill sets and be themselves with the defensive structure of the team. Most of all I pride myself on hardwork and perseverance. I embody the mindset of “Non Sibi Sed Cunctis” (Not for oneself but for all).  I look at three major aspects when coaching: winning, player development & culture. I believe all three of those things result in an exciting brand of hockey for our fans to enjoy. 

What past or current Mavericks players have you coached or know?The hockey world is a small circle. But, I have been blown away about the incredible experiences that players I have coached in years past have had in Kansas City. Your former Captain Rocco Carzo started his career in Florida and I always had such a great deal of respect for Rocco and to see him flourish in KC has been amazing. He has embodied what it means to be a Maverick and has loved his time here. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working with goalie coach Josh Robinson for the past several years in Florida and his excitement about KC and the Mavericks has been nothing short of contagious. Additionally, players like Bryce Aneloski, Matt Finn, and David Dziurzynski are just a few guys that I hold a great deal of respect for that have cherished their times in Kansas City. When players speak that high of where they played it speaks volumes about the community, fans, personnel and ownership. 

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